March 12, 2020

TNASMBS 2020 Annual Meeting Registered Attendees and Exhibitors,

The very fluid Coronavirus situation has continued its evolution and the current situation dictates that we must cancel the TNASMBS 2020 Annual Meeting scheduled for 27 Mar 2020. There are significant travel bans affecting many of our faculty (and likely attendees and exhibitors as well) and now even local meeting bans have been emplaced with multiple institutions.

We appreciate how this decision may affect you as it can be disruptive on many levels, but we felt there was no other practical choice available to us at this point. However, we do remain committed to providing an excellent educational program for all of you and will be examining options to reschedule the meeting at a future point.

Exhibitors will be contacted individually regarding their sponsorship options.

Registered attendees will have a few options regarding fees paid. Those fees can be refunded, applied to state chapter dues (for TNASMBS members), or retained as payment the meeting once rescheduled. TNASMBS will be processing these so please look out for additional emails on this.

Thank you,

Chris Sanborn, MD, FACS, FASMBS, DABOM
President, TNASMBS